Q&A with Lori Vrcan, Franchisee of CarePatrol (Franchise Chatter)

In this exclusive Q&A, I spoke with Lori Vrcan about what it’s like to be a CarePatrol franchisee along with her husband Todd.

Franchise Chatter (FC): Tell us about your background. When did you realize you wanted to own your own business? What attracted you to the franchise industry?

Lori Vrcan (LV): I’m originally from Florida, Todd is a native of Ohio, and we met in Colorado, marrying five years ago. We ended up back in Ohio in 2018, where Todd had taken a job with a new company. With this change in location, I decided to take a different career path and accepted a job with a national senior living community as a sales and marketing manager.

In that position, I dealt with bogus leads coming in from several online senior placement agencies and some local representatives, along with leads received from my CarePatrol agent. I was most impressed with my interactions with CarePatrol, knowing that each client referred to me was pre-qualified and my community would fit their important needs for care, budget, desire of location and personal interests.

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Best Life Brands, LLC ("Best Life Brands"), a family of companies focused on the well-being of clients along the continuum of senior care, awarded 47 new franchise agreements across all brands in the first half of 2021, continuing to build on record-breaking numbers from 2020. The impressive franchise development underscores the continued and growing needs of seniors.

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Best Life Brands, LLC ("Best Life Brands"), a family of companies focused on the well-being of clients along the continuum of senior care, has completed the acquisition of a home health company which provides superior in-home nursing, therapy, and home care services to patients across the greater Los Angeles area.

Franchising With Best Life Brands

This article is a Q and A with J.J. Sorrenti, CEO of Best Life Brands. Best Life Brands is the platform company over ComForCare, the premier franchised provider of home care; CarePatrol, the nation's largest franchised senior placement organization; and Blue Moon Estate Sales, the leading estate sales franchise in the U.S.

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According to the CDC, the risk for severe illness from COVID-19 among adults increases with age, with older adults at highest risk. That makes the health and safety of the caregivers who look after them all the more important. And it is the responsibility of those employing the caregivers to ensure they have the resources to do their job safely.

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