ComForCare Franchises Offer Customizable In-Home Care

Large and growing roster of services meet needs across the continuum of care

One person needs significant, 24-hour help for a few days after returning home from a hospital stay. Another may only want one or two visits a week for help with household tasks and getting to and from doctor’s appointments and the pharmacy. A third may need ongoing assistance.

One of the biggest challenges faced by individuals and their families when they evaluate in-home care franchise services is that continuum of care. That’s why ComForCare is designed to meet clients where they are — and then grow alongside their needs over time.


“We know every client is going to be unique, and that’s why we have developed different service levels to meet a wide range of needs,” explains Tom Parks, Vice President of Franchise Development. “Knowing they have a single, trusted source for all the services they need gives clients, and their families, tremendous peace of mind while also helping our franchise owners earn the most revenue possible.”

A ComForCare in-home care franchise also can offer non-medical care, disability support, short-term, respite and 24-hour care; dementia care, and in-home nursing care, all designed to provide a turnkey approach to franchise owners when it comes to the clients’ continuum of care.


And because ComForCare puts every caregiver through a 10-step vetting process, the client knows that he or she is securing the services of someone who’s been carefully evaluated.

“Our franchise owners are trained not just on how to hire for skills, but how to assess caregivers in such a way that they can ‘match-make’ between them and the clients,” Parks says. “Clients and families love it when they have an immediate bond and establish trust with someone who’s coming into their home. And when that happens, they turn to ComForCare when they need additional support, as well as honor our franchises with referrals to others in the community.”

ComForCare is a successful, multifaceted business that offers peace of mind and improved quality of life for senior citizens and their families through support around life’s everyday tasks, and also through exciting and innovative programs such as DementiaWise® , a comprehensive care approach for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia that focuses on accentuating the positive by supporting and encouraging remaining skills and abilities; Joyful Memories, an interactive, singalong program that uses the power of music to create connections and positive outlets for emotional expression. ComForCare’s other differentiators include in-home nurse assessments, customized care plan development and ongoing evaluation to anticipate and plan for changes, all based on the client’s interests, hobbies, skills and abilities that provide joy and purpose in their life.

Best Life Brands Continues Record Franchise Development Growth in First Half of 2021

Best Life Brands, LLC ("Best Life Brands"), a family of companies focused on the well-being of clients along the continuum of senior care, awarded 47 new franchise agreements across all brands in the first half of 2021, continuing to build on record-breaking numbers from 2020. The impressive franchise development underscores the continued and growing needs of seniors.

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Best Life Brands, LLC ("Best Life Brands"), a family of companies focused on the well-being of clients along the continuum of senior care, has completed the acquisition of a home health company which provides superior in-home nursing, therapy, and home care services to patients across the greater Los Angeles area.

Franchising With Best Life Brands

This article is a Q and A with J.J. Sorrenti, CEO of Best Life Brands. Best Life Brands is the platform company over ComForCare, the premier franchised provider of home care; CarePatrol, the nation's largest franchised senior placement organization; and Blue Moon Estate Sales, the leading estate sales franchise in the U.S.

Q&A with Lori Vrcan, Franchisee of CarePatrol (Franchise Chatter)

Lori Vrcan, Franchisee of Charlotte, South Carolina, previously worked with a national senior living community as a sales and marketing manager. In that position, she was most impressed with her interactions with CarePatrol. Each client referred was pre-qualified and a good fit for the senior living community in terms of needs, budget and personal interests. After she and her husband Todd did further research, they decided not only would buying a CarePatrol franchise be a great investment, but it was a meaningful change and the opportunity to work together and help seniors.
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